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Willkommen bei Ihrer Eventagentur aus München. Wir realisieren Ihren Event. Wir verbinden 25 Jahre Event-Know-how mit kreativem Ideenreichtum. - Welcome to your event agency from Munich. We create your event. We combine 25 years of event know-how with a wealth of creative ideas.


  • Client: Wedding
  • Date: 08th of September, 2012
  • Info: working title (inofficial): “Hopefully this is not the umpteenth obliged party!”

WEDDING. 120 guests.

Are weddings a sure-fire process? Because everyone is doing fine and celebrating with the bride and groom? The bride herself panned the most beautiful day in her life for months. Will organisational mistakes be forgiven? No way!

…and the bus is sadly in the wrong city?

Or do you think the bridal couple stays calm, when the key to the church door is not traceable? The Bus isn’t waiting in the right street, the right city? The caterer decides on short term to let his trainees cook? We really did prevent these things already. Of course early in the run, that’s self-evident. Because we know what can go wrong and therefore we think things through until the end of every detail.

Invisible – but always there.

Ultimately everything passes by like there is no organiser on-site. The master of ceremonies, wedding planner, however you may call it. And that’s exactly how it sould be. benninger.eberle likes to stay in the background – with eyes always wide open.

For a beautiful wedding.

For bride and groom, family, and friends.

Oh what a party!

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