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Willkommen bei Ihrer Eventagentur aus München. Wir realisieren Ihren Event. Wir verbinden 25 Jahre Event-Know-how mit kreativem Ideenreichtum. - Welcome to your event agency from Munich. We create your event. We combine 25 years of event know-how with a wealth of creative ideas.

Virtual Sightseeing LIVE

Would you like a sightseeing tour via live stream through Munich with a Munich original? We offer you exactly that: Various locations and interesting places are approached to present live music, artists, craftsmen or even Munich attractions, such as the BMW World or the Eisbach surfers. Interaction with the participants is generated by gamification elements such as an online quiz.

If the questions are answered correctly, “hidden” online rooms with additional content are unlocked. The virtual sight-seeing tour can be accompanied by a discovery box that is sent to the participants in advance. At various points during the tour, participants are asked to take certain objects out of the box and use them in the appropriate context. From classic to super-modern, a lot is possible here. From smelling samples (for example, the fresh leather of lederhosen, roasted almonds from the Oktoberfest, Munich espresso) to tasting food and drinks, something to feel or a souvenir.

PS. Of course, the concept doesn’t only work in Munich. Literally wherever you want to invite your guests: on the mountain, at sights, wherever there is internet.

Non-binding and free consultation. By telephone, mail and of course in person as well. We’re looking forward to meet you.

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