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Stroke Limited

  • Client: Stroke Limited
  • Date: 22nd-24th of October, 2015
  • Info: Digital & Fashion
  • Website

The topic of digital art took time to distance itself from the concept-loving and elite mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion. A handful of artists have been experimenting with computers and corresponding digital forms of expression for a few decades now, disregarding aspects such as aesthetics, sense of form and, above all, skill. But what emerged often lacked radiance and momentum and, with a few exceptions, was hardly able to arouse the interest of the broad masses.

We invited 10 fashion designers to create “fashion with art” or “art with fashion”, totally free from conventions. It’s not about the recognition of a fashion piece as artwork, only because it’s famous due to the designer or the context. It’s about the creativity of designers and their skills in creating a sculpture with “fabric and thread” instead of using marble, clay or metal.


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