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Willkommen bei Ihrer Eventagentur aus München. Wir realisieren Ihren Event. Wir verbinden 25 Jahre Event-Know-how mit kreativem Ideenreichtum. - Welcome to your event agency from Munich. We create your event. We combine 25 years of event know-how with a wealth of creative ideas.

S&L Medien

  • Client: S&L Medien
  • Date: 15th of November, 2012
  • Info: working title (inofficial): 20 years. Thank you.
  • Website

GALA/JUBILEE. 350 guests.

To celebrate the 20th birthday of a company, a few successful years are needed in advance; a story of success that describes how that happened and more importantly: how it will go on. To duly accompany this milestone of the companies history, that’s the task of benninger.eberle: To say “Thank you” with a lot of ideas and professionalism. To the companions, to the customers, and last but not least, to the employees.

A red thread, that’s winding itself through the whole sequence.

More concrete: We are entrusted with the task to design an event, that aims at the goal from the beginning on. An unusual, company-affine location is scouted, the plot is written. Plot? A red thread so to say, visuals, that will be pulled through from the beginning to the end. The warm-up: a save-the-date, not as a simple letter, but as an especially produced video clip, is going to be dispatched. The upfollowing print invitation picks up the motto. Even further taken, it’s placed as a huge print at the event location on the big evening as well.

Video jockeys are directing the whole room.

Catering is interspersed, supporting communication. Entrance situation, branding, logo projections from up to two video jockeys, which artistically translate the history of the company into projections and thus shape the space. A modern equipment with light so to say. Underlined, no, combined with the progressive sound of a renowned DJ.

Goodie bag in hand and memory in head.

The guests are heading home with a nice memory in their head and a well-filled goodie bad in their hand. Printed on the outside? Exactly: the layout from the invitation. And that’s how the red thread ends.

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