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Willkommen bei Ihrer Eventagentur aus München. Wir realisieren Ihren Event. Wir verbinden 25 Jahre Event-Know-how mit kreativem Ideenreichtum. - Welcome to your event agency from Munich. We create your event. We combine 25 years of event know-how with a wealth of creative ideas.


Topic suggestions

for trainings, workshops, readings, case studies, and PBLV, up to coachings or consultings


 Live-Communication Event Marketing

Nothing is as memorable as the own experience, no feeling as strong as curiosity. These two fundamental components are the base for the extraordinary effect of experience-oriented communication during an event – if it is structured clever and smart. And last but not least: the “offline communication” – meaning the meeting of people in real life – is bringing everything togehter to a (shared) sensation.


Topic Suggestions – Modules

Learning never stops – the contents are scalable: from hour blocks to days, weeks, up until week-long seminars or ongoing coachings.

The listed components derive from long years of experience, they are adding up to the theory, transfering it into practice. Therefore they are building the suspense bow of the implementation of theories.

The single modules have been told and further developed over many years, so they are perfectly up-to-date. Nevertheless, the fine tuning process in ongoing and never stops: what does work, what is thrilling?

Answers to important questions are worked out togehter, for they should sink in and be deeply understood – for example by using case studies and during workshops.

Basic questions are asked again and again: What makes an event successful? What should be taken into consideration? What are the crucial points? Are there risks? Practical examples and a lot of photographical examples are reinforcing the “live” impression of all the topics.

Adding to that: Coachings, support and backup for questions and problems, and the development of feasible solutions. From real life, for real life.

1.1 Event Conception

From the initial idea to the concept

  • The concept – core piece of a successful event
    • The concept and its performance criteria
    • The right briefing
    • Setting targets, target group
    • The elements of a good concept. Script, bow of suspense, dramaturgy, storytelling
    • How to structure the concept usefully
  • Excursion: Creative techniques
  • Workshop conception: a case study.

1.2 Projekt Management – Practical Implementation

  • The Project management of events
    • Responsibilities of a project leader – the big summary
    • The project stages – a schedule
    • Planning, target definition, employee management, arrangement of the team, communication during the project, time management, project plans (different kinds), end of project
  • Negotiation tactics, conflict management, dialogue management, problem solving, motivation


Trades of an event in practice

These points may be combined for a practical seminar or workshop as well.

Practical Seminar

  • The trade of an event in flash mode
    • Location, value, spatial planning, on-site inspection, decision matrix
    • Equipment and decoration
    • Catering and drinks/food and beverage management
    • The underestimated significance
    • Programme, frame programme, performance (artists)
    • Print (graphics, invitations, save the date, signage, name tags, on-site branding)
    • Merchandising and branding, give-aways
    • Handling of service providers (selection and management of suppliers)
    • Event documentation (video, photo) before, during and after the event
    • Follow-up and evaluation of the event
    • Instruments of success analyses: performance measurement, monetary, emotional (ROI, ROE) and other factors
    • Technology (extension of the crash course event technology possible): Basics, light, sound, projection, pyro, stages, technical rider, kinds of staff, logistics
    • Hospitality management/guest management, handling of participants (including VIP-handling), management of invitations, electrical guest registration, accreditation, registration, check-in systems, online tools, ticket presale
    • Participants: Shuttles, commuter traffic, internal logistics, different kinds of problems and core issues



Put into Practice. Bookable additional modules.

  • Excursion: Visiting locations, suppliers and service providers including a guest speaker (e.g. event location, technology service, interior design, canteen kitchen, outfitter…)
  • What is responsible for the success of an event? All steps to a successful implementation, practical experience
  • Practical tips for event organisers: the do’s and dont’s, presented with a lot of examples
  • Excursion: Events live – Visiting an event with subsequent analyses (achieving targets, target group, quality of implementation, conversation with the organisers, debriefing)
  • Sense of Space: Creating room layouts by hand and on the PC (e.g. with Power Point, CAD-systems)
  • Telling a story that stick’s in one’s head
  • The way to the red thread/common theme: Creative techniques, basics of brainstorming
  • The calculation of events: Budgeting, detailed target/actual state analyses, variance analyses, settlement, handling fees, VAT
  • Excel for event organisers: Efficient use of a powerful software – The perfect way for the preparation of checklists, time tables, project plans, Gantt charts, direction plans, schedules, effective flow charts, effective protocols, overview of suppliers and lots more, accompanied by dozens of practical examples
  • Negotating live – buying and selling – customer loyalty
  • Interior design (workshop or excursion with interior architects): Spatial effects, visual axis, basic theory of colours, Feng Shui), light design, impact of light, roles of colours in rooms
  • Presentation of concepts, projects or oneself – Does it always have to be PPT? Planning, preparing, implementation. Considerations of media usage… what emphasises my USP – my criteria of success?
  • Time management for event organisers (mail flood, time thieves, handling my own time, how to organise myself efficiently?), the most useful time-recording system
  • Typical problems during the planning/implementation of an event and the efficient solution of these problems
  • Software for practical use: Tools, tips and things you should stay away from
  • Excursion: Wedding planner – Distinction, ideas, practical tips
  • Excursion: Sports events and tournaments – A special challenge for the organisers and participants. From Socca Five over beach volley, up to golf charity events, including a visit of the professionals (e.g. Allianz Arena, Olympiapark GmbH or golf course)
  • Excursion: rallies, Geocaching, GPS-based challenges, caches (in the past: scavenger hunt) – With a practical workshop and the creation of an individualised rally, as well as doing a test run of the self-created project: Was it worth the effort? Does everything work? Was it fun?
  • Excursion: Incentives – Motivation, appeal, welding together, efficient resources, ideas and solution approaches, successful implementation and post-processing

Our seminars are offered by the following academies as well:

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