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Willkommen bei Ihrer Eventagentur aus München. Wir realisieren Ihren Event. Wir verbinden 25 Jahre Event-Know-how mit kreativem Ideenreichtum. - Welcome to your event agency from Munich. We create your event. We combine 25 years of event know-how with a wealth of creative ideas.



What can you expect from us? Your event in good hands.

Your event, precisely coordinated with your inividual needs, and we will accompany it right from the start.


Event Conception

We’re asking the right questions and we’re developing your visions together with you, considering everything from various perspectives and thinking around not one, but many corners.


Event Organisation

We are experts with more than 20 years experience in the fields of event planning and implementation. Event experts meets marketing specialist. Attention to detail meets creativity. Perfection meets vision.


Event Implementation

We are consulting companies and private individuals for single event features or during the implementation of their projects. Therefore we’re refering to our big network of various service providers, too.


Event Follow-up

We’ll accompany you right from the beginning. And we’re still there after the light goes out at your event. With logistical postprocessing on-site on the one hand, and an evaluation on marketing level, on the other hand.

We are planning and implementing your event perfectly, regardless the occasion:

Wether it’s an exhibition, a catering, a CSR event, an in-house exhibition, an incentive, a jubilee or anniversary, a children’s event, a concert, a customer event, a reading, live marketing, a meeting, a trade show,  a staff event, a fashion show, a motivational event, a presentation, a press conference, a rally, a meeting, a road show, a sports event, participant management…

benninger.eberle stands for extraordinary frame stories at unusual, rare locations.

benninger.eberle supports and consults businesses and companies of all kind, as well as private individuals, on the complete way of the project or in regard of single event features. A wide-ranged own network of service providers is therefore at our disposal, too.



additional agency services


  • Event marketing
  • Multi-media marketing
  • Online market analyses “Online Focusing™”

Media & Communication Design

  • Print media (from business card to poster) conception, design and implementation
  • Online media (from logo to web page) conception, design and implementation
  • Texts
  • Visuals



Trainings & Workshops


Conception of events – the draft and its performance and success criteria

The event conception is the base of event planning: starting with a first idea for the event, up to developing a dramaturgy of the event’s activities. What is essential for a smooth implementation and flow of the event? And why is a good event conception similar to a script worthy of a movie?



Project management for events

Checking off the achieved issues of a project plan is a great feeling, isn’t it?

But – what tansforms a functional, but theoretical project plan into a reliable timetable for the event? And how should one stay calm on the road, even if there have been unpredictable breakdowns?



Practical workshops:
e.g. “Successfully Implementing Events” or “Event Conception”

We’ve got concentrated practical knowledge from over 20 years of professional experience for small, medium and big events. Tips for the ideal tools of an event planner as well as insights in recurrend challenges of our profession – and how to master them sovereign.


further details