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Missio for Life

missio for life goes live – a new, interactive theme park for schools, fairs, and museums

Together with the partner Reality Twist, benninger.eberle developed the transmedial teaching programme „missio for life“. Transmedial means in this case: A thrilling exhibition, an exciting computer game, a haptic experience. Everything bookable as roadshow.

The first teaching programme, that combines virtual and haptic elements.

In an interactive and real setting, visitors learn interesting facts about gender equality in the world: trafficking of human beings, poverty-related prostitution, arranged marriages.

The burning mountain of trash was only virtual at first…

Visitors get to know the stories of Paulo, Mercedes & Renu on a tablet. And then suddenly it’s time: Be active yourself – because the experiences of the protagonists become real and tangible! The burning garbage mountain, just still virtual, is now an exhibit of the road show. It must now actually be searched through for usable garbage. In the prison you have to clean a toilet or buy the right dowry items in the shop.

Therefore, the mobile exhibition skilfully combines virtual serious games with the haptic and tactile experience of scenarios and exhibits.

Sensitive topics, especially for children. We know this. A project, that touches and stays in the minds of the visitors. Mission completed.

Nominated for the German Developer Award 2014 and the German Computer Games Award 2015.

Would you like to get to know the exhibitional teaching programme yourself? You can book the road show, just click on the following link:

Click here for booking


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